Welcome to the Fresno County COVID 19 Oral History Project website.

The project seeks to capture the oral histories of Fresno County residents who have lived through one of the most profound historical moments in our lifetimes and, in US History.

What are we looking for from the community?

1) College and High School Student Volunteer Historians: who conduct oral history interviews in exchange for recognition as Student Historians on our website. Dr. Fontes will work with local professors to issue extra credit in US History courses. Student Historians may also participate in a symposium where they may share their findings and papers. Date for symposium to be announced post-2023

2) Educators: who wish to assign the project to their students.

3) Community Volunteer Historians: Community members throughout Fresno County who wish to aid in our mission to record oral histories. All community members who conduct more than 10 will be recognized on our website.

4) Community Residents to fill in our oral history short form right here on our website!
Please, be a part of history. Allow future generations the honor and privilege of hearing your valuable experience.

“As The World Caves in” by Matilde Aranda, age 14, February 2021
Aranda’s art piece poignantly captures how many young people feel during the COVID 19 quarantine, separated from the classroom, friends and peers, on their computers all day long.

Contact Us:
Patrick Fontes, PhD
Professor of American History
Stanford University, 2016

[email protected]
(559) 724.1757

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